Moral instincts that failed us to grasp the true sense of life!

Opportunities come knocking at our door & we sit imprecating our painful past but let me ask you who’s out there, those haven’t struggled yet? Stephan Hawking, the story of a man whom doctor said that will live not more than two years, is doing a great research in cosmology well from last 50 years, isn’t it a shocking fact? It is not only the story of how stupendous research he did but also the story of how he denied accepting whatever life had thrown at him. We might have missed a great researcher if he would have spent hours while cursing the situations. We keep asking that from millions of people, why only me? & there we’re wrong. We will have learnt nothing from these great & aspiring stories if we still can’t change our perspective to see what life is! All that I want to intimate is neither we’re weak & sick nor we are meant to quit!
Author:- Tejas Bramhecha. copyright © 2016



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