Narrowing down your chances?

If you were stuck at a rejection, what one success would you bring? Let rejections crumble your way, let there be downfall, let it turn you down but don’t let that stop your way. Rejections & mistakes are the part of life; flawless life would be no more than a barren. Life is a gamble, one mistake might snatch all of your comforts & would leave you destitute in your needs but you can always harness your potential, discover your true strength & transform your lives in a way that will leave you no option to get rejected. Rejection might raise a question mark on your abilities but don’t let that deny your right; show it your true worth.
Author:- Tejas Bramhecha. copyright © 2016



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  1. SIDD HERE says:

    I will cover a topic on that. Such a nice column.

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